Solar Car Battery Charger

In today’s very busy world, no one would want to be caught unprepared with a flat car battery. This mostly happens when one is stranded in traffic or in a jungle somewhere on your way from a weekend camping trip. This is where many people opt to get the solar car battery charger. It is simply powered by the sun and plugged into the cigarette lighter device in the car, and the charging begins.

It contains small individual solar cells which convert the rays of the sun to electricity. Most solar chargers are foldable and hence easily portable. Charging begins when the charger is put under direct sunlight and plugging it in to the cigarette lighter. It even has a special LED light that shows when the charging is in progress and when it’s finished.

Features of a Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar Car Battery Charger A solar car battery charger comes equipped with a built in battery that stores energy for using at a later time. This guarantees that the charger will power up the car, even after a whole weekend of not switching the car on. This ensures that your car battery has a constant level all through, and thus makes the battery last longer.

Since it comes with DC connector that simply connects to the cigarette lighter, it does not require opening up the car and messing up with the wires trying to charge the battery. This saves on both time and chances of getting hurt trying to find the negative and positive ends of the battery.

The solar car battery charger has a voltage output of twelve volts. This is enough energy to completely charge a battery. It will take approximately four hours to charge. The amount of time spent charging could be cut shorter depending on how hot the sun is shining that day.

Advantages of Using the Solar Battery Charger

A big advantage of the car charger is the fact that it is light and easy to carry. Because it is foldable, it can always be in the trunk of your car and one will never be caught off guard with a flat battery. The solar car battery charger is also waterproof and hence does not require too much attention when storing it or even when using it.

Another main advantage is the reduced cost of charging the battery. Once the charger is put under direct sunlight, the car battery will be charged at no expense at all. This gives the car owner a guarantee that he will not receive any extra bills for charging his car battery.

The use of a solar car battery charger has proved over the decades that the environment can be spared, and still have no expenses to the user. This is because all the energy used to charge the battery is from the sun, and does not pollute the air in the process. This means that the user has not only saved charging expenses, but he has also avoided the negative impacts that today’s world has on the environment.

Solar Powered Bags, energized bags

Solar powered bags are bags that convert solar energy into electric energy. They are used to charge portable electric devices like laptops, cell phones, cameras and I-pods.

How the Solar Powered Bags Work

These bags have a battery installed in them to store the solar energy. They trap the solar energy by using a converter panel on the outer side of the bag that is exposed to the sun. All bags have adaptors which are standardized, and as a result you can charge any electrical device with all types of solar powered bags. A bag with a wide solar panel converter is capable of producing and storing over 15 watts of electrical energy.

Advantages of Solar Bags

Solar bags are advantageous since they save a lot of electric energy, and they reduce your electricity bills. They are convenient since you can carry them to any place while you are charging, and this also saves time since you won’t have to wait for your electric device to charge. Instead, you charge it on your way to your workplace or school, or wherever else you are going. Solar bags are multipurpose since they charge your devices, and at the same time act as carriers for your belongings.

Having a battery to store energy makes the solar powered bags even more advantageous, because you can charge your devices even when there is no sun, with the stored energy. These bags are light and padded, so carrying them is the same as carrying a normal bag. The solar panels are water proof, and so you don’t have to worry about them when cleaning the bag. These bags are resistant to ultra-violet rays and they are also made from polyester, which is an environmentally friendly material, since it is recyclable. Solar bags are recommended for scholars, travelers, university lecturers and business men who have little or no time at all to spend on charging electric devices. The solar powered bags are also ideal in the country side and in places where electric power is not adequately available. These bags are enjoyable to use, and it’s a great experience in generating your own electricity and carrying it with you wherever you want.

Prices and types of solar bags

Solar powered backpacks cost roughly between $200 and $600 depending on the kind of bag that you choose. There are different types of bags which include the backpacks, daypacks, converters, messengers and generators. The prices of these bags vary with the designs, since a bag like the generator has a bigger solar panel than the rest. Due to this you will find that the generator bags are a bit pricey than the rest, but the buying price is no factor to look at bearing in mind the amount of money and time spent on paying electricity bills and charging electric devices. The solar powered bags also come in various attractive colors, thus you can get the bag in your favorite color.

Solar Backpack, portable power supply

The solar backpack is a bag that have solar converter panels at the back. Usually they are hung at the back. They have storage batteries where they store the electric energy after they have converted. The energy from these back packs is usually used to charge small electric devices like cell phones, I-pods and digital cameras.

How the Solar Backpack Works

You carry the backpack on your back so as to expose it to the sun’s rays. Once the panels receive solar energy, they convert it into electric energy by a process called induction. The electric energy is then saved in a storage battery plugged to the panels. At the same time the solar backpack also acts as a carrier and as storage for your things. The back packs are usually padded and thus protective for the inner contents, so you don’t have to worry about ultraviolet sensitive contents. If you want to charge a device, the backpacks come together with an adaptor to help connect the battery that has stored the energy to the device, and at the same time regulate the amount of charge flowing into the device.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Backpack

The solar backpack has many merits in that it is multipurpose. They are thus ideal for travelers, since they come in handy as chargers for their phones and other digital devices, as well as carriers for their luggage. The best thing about backpacks is the carrying style which is so appropriate, as you can carry it while riding a bike or even while standing on a train or a ship. This is also the ideal bag to go camping with since it saves a lot of storage space, while at the same time it stores up energy for electric devices. The solar backpack models are light in weight and are not a nuisance to the carrier. Since the backpacks have storage batteries, they help a lot in charging when there is no sun.

The whole technology of placing solar panels on a backpack is so great, yet it is so simple to understand. There is nothing you need to do apart from exposing the backpack to sunlight and connecting the electric device to the battery for charging. The solar backpack neither give any waste nor do they emit anything after converting solar energy into electric energy. Because of this they are very eco-friendly. They are also cheap and so this new technology is available to anyone.

Types of Solar Backpacks

Solar powered bags come in different types and sizes and thus it is easy to choose which suits you or your child. There is the converter backpack which is the smallest of them all and the daypack which is slightly larger than the rest, and then there is the mega backpack which is the biggest. This is the same as having a mini size, a medium and a maximum size. The prices also vary with the size of the solar backpack, as well as the size of the solar panel on the backpack.

Solar Powered Backpack, power in a bag

A solar powered backpack is simply a bag that harnesses energy from the sun during the day. The backpack can store energy and it can be used for charging electronics when one is not near a power supply. The solar backpack is easy to carry and can be used on many hand held electric gadgets like phones, digital cameras, IPods and laptops.

Features of the Solar Powered Backpack

The solar powered backpack has many features that would make life in the 21st century easy for anyone. It has an AC outlet that makes it possible for it to be charged in the car in case the sun does not power it completely. It also comes with a battery pack that can be used to store power even after the sun is long gone. This means that any power that is not used does not go to waste, but rather gets stored to be used later.

The solar backpack also come equipped with standard adapters that can be used to charge many hand held devices like phones or laptops. Apart from that, it comes complete with wires channels for connecting hands free and head phone cables. This means that as it is slung to the back, the user can comfortably use it without having to put it down.

Advantages of a Solar Backpack

Not only does it serve as a carriage bag, the solar powered backpack gives the carrier power wherever they need it. On a completely sunny day, the solar panels can harness up to 4 watts of power. This can be translated to one and a half hours of talk time on the phone or a fully charged laptop battery.

It is easy to carry as it is made of light material. The outer fabric is covered with a light mesh that ensures free flow of air. With that in place, the solar powered backpack will never heat up. In case of rain, the solar panels are made out of waterproof material that will ensure the bag does not get wet.

For laptop users, the bag is completely safe to store a laptop without fear of damage. The bag is well padded to ensure that any gadgets put inside are safe. It is also big enough to fit a 15 inch screen laptop!

The solar  backpack also serves the purpose of an ordinary bag, that is, it stores a person’s belongings while traveling. It is not too big and looks just like a normal bag. This makes it convenient as it fits in the lifestyle of the user. The size of the bag also makes storage rather easy. No special care is necessary when storing it.

Another main advantage of having the solar powered backpack is its cost effectiveness. Because it uses power from the sun, it makes it absolutely free to use. The only cost incurred is the cost of the bag itself. One can use it comfortably without fear of a power blackout. It can be worn as a sling bag or a backpack.

Solar Laptop Charger, solar computer

Solar laptop charger is a charging devices used to charge laptops from solar energy. It converts the solar energy into electric energy and then transfer this electric energy through an adapter to the laptop battery.

How the Solar Laptop Charger Works

This charger only needs to be exposed to the sun. It will gather the solar energy, convert the energy to electric and as far as you have connected the charger to the laptop, your laptop battery will be recharged.

Advantages of Using a Solar Charger

With the solar laptop charger, you will never have to worry about going camping with your laptop and using it while fishing in the lake. You can do all outdoor activities with your laptop, since power is guaranteed. You can even spend the whole day in your tree house playing games and listening to music through the laptop, as it charges. Research will now be enjoyable once you carry your laptop to the woods, since if you have the charger you can read the procedure of the experiment, prepare worksheets and document various experimental results while you are on the research ground. This reduces the risk of making errors. The charger helps you do your homework on the laptop, away from home.

With the solar laptop charger, it is even easier to teach computer in schools in rural settings, where there are no electricity lines. This new technology is ideal for businessmen who travel a lot, since all they need to do is place the laptop charger outside of the car. They can use their laptops on all their business trips, however far from home and however long the trips take. It is also ideal for shooting movies in places with no electric power, like gorges and forests, since with the solar laptop chargers editing a movie will be so easy.

The solar charger is budget friendly, because when you are at home you can use it and save on the costs of electricity. It is environmentally friendly since it is designed using electric insulators, and thus you are assured that you can never get electrocuted by this device. The amount of energy transmitted into the laptop battery is also regulated to an amount that is harmless to the laptop.

With this new technology, sports like cross country cycling and desert rallying are even better, since you can use your laptop to check directions and trace lost parties. At the same time, you can catch up with what your friends are doing in the metropolitan, all this with respect to the laptop being charged using the solar charger.

Solar energy is the most adequate source of energy and the most efficient, since there is no waste or emissions released after usage. The solar laptop charger uses this energy and converts it into a useful charge, and thereby acts as a link between technology and nature in a way that shows how man can appreciates the natural resources around him.

Solar Chargers, power everywhere

Solar chargers are devices that are used to recharge battery-powered gadgets by use of energy from the sun. These chargers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Depending on how much energy a person requires, the chargers can even come in pocket size models.

How solar chargers work

A solar powered charger works by collecting the rays of the sun and transforming the same into renewable energy. All the user needs to do is expose it to direct sunlight and it will do the rest. The pocket-size chargers can be used to charge cell phones, digital cameras, AA batteries or laptops. The solar chargers have built in batteries that can store up to 6 volts of energy.

Solar battery chargers come complete with cords and cables for connecting to the device being recharged. Some chargers are foldable and this makes them very easy to store. When charging, it is simply opened up and put outside in the sun. The material used to make the chargers is completely waterproof and light in weight. The solar panels consist of individual solar cells which convert the sunlight rays to renewable electricity. The panels are covered using a thin film of transparent material.

Ordinary solar chargers weight a little over three ounces and can produce between 5 to 7 volts of current or energy. Most small devices like mobile phones and cameras only require about 4.5 volts to fully charge. Charging a battery completely would take approximately two hours.

Advantages of Solar Battery Chargers

Cost effectiveness of the solar battery chargers is by far the biggest advantage. By simply charging it out in the sun, a user can use the solar chargers over and over again without incurring any additional costs. The only cost that a user has to endure is the cost of the solar charger. They retail for as little as twenty dollars for the very small pocket-size chargers.

Another advantage is of course the fact that is portable and hence makes life easier for a busy person. It can be used anywhere where sunlight can be accessed. This can be when on tour, at home, in the office or even out camping. In other words, it can be used anywhere a person needs to charge their device and there is no power outlet.

Another advantage it has is the environmental aspect. Since the battery uses energy from the sun, there is no chance of polluting the environment by emitting or giving off elements that will ruin the environment. In fact, it helps conserve the environment as it only uses what it requires and leaves the rest. There is no wastage.

As solar chargers are made of very light material, they are easy to handle and store. It does not take up any unnecessary space and does not inconvenience the user. In today’s world where virtually every gadget requires a rechargeable battery to work, solar battery chargers give the user satisfaction in that it will always provide power as long as the sun shines.

Solar Charger, free energy

A solar charger is a piece of equipment that is used to charge other gadgets that are powered by batteries, using energy from the sun. It can vary in terms of size and the amount of energy storage. Energy from the sun is converted into electricity by small solar cells that are on the panels on the solar charger covered by a thin film of transparent material. The bigger the charger, the more energy it will conserve.

Mechanism of a Solar Charger

A solar powered charger will convert the rays of the sun into energy, when it is put outside in the sun. They come in many shapes, sizes and models. For instance, there are pocket size chargers which can be used to charge cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and ordinary AA or AAA batteries for flashlights and remote controls. The solar chargers have in built batteries that can store up to 6 volts of energy. This energy can be used at night or on a cloudy day.

A solar battery charger mostly comes equipped with cords and cables for connecting to the battery that needs to be recharged. Most chargers are foldable for easier storage and transportation. When one needs to charge, it is opened up and put in direct sunlight where the energy from the rays of the sun will be collected. A solar charger is made up of waterproof lightweight material that can withstand a few drops of water. However, just like any other equipment, if it is fully immersed in water for a long period of time, it may not function properly.

An ordinary charger will weight from between three and six ounces and will be able to generate from 5 to 7 volts of current or energy. Many gadgets that require little voltage to charge, like mobile phones and cameras, will be fully charged in about two hours.

Benefits of a Solar Battery Charger

The most common benefit of using a solar charger is the amount of money that will be saved with time. This is because the energy that is being used is free from the sun and can be used many times over. This simply means that the energy used is renewable. After the first expense, which is the purchase of the charger, the user should not expect to incur any operational or maintenance charges thereafter.

Another benefit to the user is its mobility. It can be used anywhere the sun shines. In fact, it can simply be charged and used later, even after the sun goes down. This is convenient for people who are at home, in the office, out camping or on tour. The fact that it can be used without a power outlet makes it a very convenient device to have.

Since a solar charger uses energy from the sun, the impacts on the environment cannot be felt when it is being used. This is because there is no residue being given off to pollute the environment. It is friendly both to the user and the environment.

Solar Cellphone Charger, mobile power

In today’s world, almost everyone would feel lost and useless without a cell phone. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery on your phone when you need to make an urgent call. It is in this light that a solar cellphone charger comes in very handy. This is a charger that can be used to recharge the battery of a cell phone, IPod or MP3 player by simply using energy from the sun.

It has solar cells that convert sun rays to electric current. Most solar cellphone chargers are foldable. It simply works by opening up the charger and putting it out in the sun. The solar cells will then collect the rays of the sun and convert them to energy, which is used to charge the battery or stored in the back up battery for later use.

Features of a Solar Cellphone Charger

Solar phone chargers comes complete with an in-built battery which can store power and be used later. This will ensure that even if your phone runs out of charge in the middle of the night, the charger will still have some reserved energy to power up the phone.

It also comes equipped with an AC connector that can be connected to the car. This will supply the back up battery with reserved energy, even if the sun is not shining. The charger also comes with a universal connector for most phone models. This has also prompted the phone manufacturers to make phones that can easily be charged using the solar charger.

The solar cellphone charger itself has a voltage output of 5.5 volts, while the in built battery can store up to 4 volts. It will take approximately four hours to charge using the DC connector in the car, and up to 13 hours out in the sun. This could be shorter, depending on the concentration of the sun. It will take about an hour for a phone to fully charge using the solar charger.

Advantages of the Solar Phone Charger

One advantage of this charger is its light weight and portability. It weighs less than three ounces and can be carried anywhere, as it is small enough to fit in your pocket. This gives you convenience in using the charger, wherever the need arises. This could even be out on the beach!

Another advantage is that it will cost the user nothing to charge the phone. Once the charger is placed out in the sun, the phone battery will be charged and no expenses will be incurred. Since the charger comes with multiple power connectors, the charger can be used to charge more than one device at a time. This not only saves on expenses, but time as well.

The energy that the solar cellphone charger uses is harnessed from the direct rays from the sun and it does not give off any residue that may harm the environment. This makes the charger both environment-friendly and more reliable to the user.

Solar Battery Chargers, Free Energy on the go

Solar battery chargers are panels which convert solar energy into electric energy, and then charge batteries, cellphones, laptop or tablets to which they are connected. They are used for charging only those batteries that are rechargeable, and only those that they are designed for. They need to be located where there is natural light so as to trap as much solar energy as possible.

Using Solar Battery Chargers

The solar battery chargers first collect the solar energy from the sun, convert it into electrical energy, and then regulate this energy depending on the type of battery they are made for. On conversion, they store the energy in connected batteries until the batteries are full, and then the process stops automatically. Solar chargers are connected to the batteries using plugs or clamps.

Types and Prices of Solar Chargers

Solar battery chargers come in many types, and all you have to do is choose the one that you feel is appropriate for you. The prices range from $20 to $200 depending on the type of battery the charger is designed for. Solar chargers for cell phone batteries, and batteries of other portable devices like laptops, are cheaper than chargers for bigger batteries, for example car batteries. There are solar car chargers, portable solar chargers and indoor solar chargers. Some solar chargers are even attached to bags and backpacks. There are universal chargers that are used for charging different types of electric devices and appliances.

Advantages of Solar Chargers

Solar battery chargers are efficient in energy saving, since they can charge batteries that hold as much as 12 Volts. The portable battery chargers are convenient, since they are light and can even be carried to the office or to school. They are ideal while traveling or while camping in the forest. The battery chargers are cost savers since they reduce the amount of electricity used and thus a reduction on the bills. The best thing is that there is only a one-off cost, which is the cost of acquiring a new charger. Thereafter you will enjoy processing your own electricity.

Solar battery chargers are, amazingly, the only way you can make electricity while you are out on the ocean. The best thing is that you are always guaranteed of electrical energy, even when there are blackouts. The solar panels are resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, and as a result they are durable and the rain has no effect on them. Another great thing about this wonderful technology is that it is very easy, and you can install your own solar battery charger.

The solar battery chargers are ideal for rural settings without electricity. Solar energy is a good solution to those who vandalize electric power lines, since all you do is install the solar battery chargers and then you never have to worry about broken power lines. Using solar energy is a way of appreciating nature since it is acknowledging the sun. Get yourself a solar battery charger and experience how nature can work for you.

Solar Battery Charger, powered by the sun

A solar battery charger is a device used to charge batteries away from a power outlet. Battery chargers are easy to use and do not require much attention. One simply connects the battery to a charger that has solar panels and lets the sun do the rest. The solar panel will collect energy from the sun and translate it to electricity. This is done by use of small solar cells in the battery charger that translate the sunlight into electricity.

After it has fully charged, the battery is connected to whatever device requires the power. This can be cell phone batteries, laptops or any other gadgets that are powered by batteries. It is a mobile device and can therefore be put on any part of the house that has direct access to the sun. This can be near a window or out on the roof. They can also be put on top of mini vans or family vans and be used during a family or office tour.

Types of Solar Battery Charger

The type of solar battery charger depends mainly on the size of the device. Energy is stored on the solar panels. The size of the solar panels determines how much energy the battery charger can collect and store. When choosing a solar battery charger, one has to put into consideration what the charger is going to be required to power. Simple devices like AA batteries do not require much power hence the size of the charger can be small.

Mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and Ipods require a bit more power, and so the size of the battery charger will have to be slightly bigger. A laptop battery requires an even bigger battery charger as it requires up to 4 watts of electricity to power it for a whole day.

Advantages of Using a Solar Charger

The main advantage of a solar battery charger is that it can be used to store energy, which can be used at a later stage when the sun is not out or on a rainy/cloudy day. A battery charger recharges other batteries without taking them outside to the sun. For instance, it would be very inconvenient for a person to stand out in the sun in order to charge a mobile phone.

The battery can be connected to the solar charger out in the sun and later carried to wherever it is required. This means that the charger can be left out during the day and the power can be used later at night.

Depending on size, the solar battery chargers are rather easy to carry and store. They are also very easy to charge. Simply place the battery charger out in the sun and collect the charged battery after about eight hours. The energy stored will be enough to provide electricity or energy during the night.

The solar battery charger come with an AC outlet that can be used to charge a battery, which will then charge virtually any hand held device.