Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack, portable power supply

The solar backpack is a bag that have solar converter panels at the back. Usually they are hung at the back. They have storage batteries where they store the electric energy after they have converted. The energy from these back packs is usually used to charge small electric devices like cell phones, I-pods and digital cameras.

How the Solar Backpack Works

You carry the backpack on your back so as to expose it to the sun’s rays. Once the panels receive solar energy, they convert it into electric energy by a process called induction. The electric energy is then saved in a storage battery plugged to the panels. At the same time the solar backpack also acts as a carrier and as storage for your things. The back packs are usually padded and thus protective for the inner contents, so you don’t have to worry about ultraviolet sensitive contents. If you want to charge a device, the backpacks come together with an adaptor to help connect the battery that has stored the energy to the device, and at the same time regulate the amount of charge flowing into the device.

Advantages of a Solar Powered Backpack

The solar backpack has many merits in that it is multipurpose. They are thus ideal for travelers, since they come in handy as chargers for their phones and other digital devices, as well as carriers for their luggage. The best thing about backpacks is the carrying style which is so appropriate, as you can carry it while riding a bike or even while standing on a train or a ship. This is also the ideal bag to go camping with since it saves a lot of storage space, while at the same time it stores up energy for electric devices. The solar backpack models are light in weight and are not a nuisance to the carrier. Since the backpacks have storage batteries, they help a lot in charging when there is no sun.

The whole technology of placing solar panels on a backpack is so great, yet it is so simple to understand. There is nothing you need to do apart from exposing the backpack to sunlight and connecting the electric device to the battery for charging. The solar backpack neither give any waste nor do they emit anything after converting solar energy into electric energy. Because of this they are very eco-friendly. They are also cheap and so this new technology is available to anyone.

Types of Solar Backpacks

Solar powered bags come in different types and sizes and thus it is easy to choose which suits you or your child. There is the converter backpack which is the smallest of them all and the daypack which is slightly larger than the rest, and then there is the mega backpack which is the biggest. This is the same as having a mini size, a medium and a maximum size. The prices also vary with the size of the solar backpack, as well as the size of the solar panel on the backpack.

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