Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar Car Battery Charger

In today’s very busy world, no one would want to be caught unprepared with a flat car battery. This mostly happens when one is stranded in traffic or in a jungle somewhere on your way from a weekend camping trip. This is where many people opt to get the solar car battery charger. It is simply powered by the sun and plugged into the cigarette lighter device in the car, and the charging begins.

It contains small individual solar cells which convert the rays of the sun to electricity. Most solar chargers are foldable and hence easily portable. Charging begins when the charger is put under direct sunlight and plugging it in to the cigarette lighter. It even has a special LED light that shows when the charging is in progress and when it’s finished.

Features of a Solar Car Battery Charger

Solar Car Battery Charger A solar car battery charger comes equipped with a built in battery that stores energy for using at a later time. This guarantees that the charger will power up the car, even after a whole weekend of not switching the car on. This ensures that your car battery has a constant level all through, and thus makes the battery last longer.

Since it comes with DC connector that simply connects to the cigarette lighter, it does not require opening up the car and messing up with the wires trying to charge the battery. This saves on both time and chances of getting hurt trying to find the negative and positive ends of the battery.

The solar car battery charger has a voltage output of twelve volts. This is enough energy to completely charge a battery. It will take approximately four hours to charge. The amount of time spent charging could be cut shorter depending on how hot the sun is shining that day.

Advantages of Using the Solar Battery Charger

A big advantage of the car charger is the fact that it is light and easy to carry. Because it is foldable, it can always be in the trunk of your car and one will never be caught off guard with a flat battery. The solar car battery charger is also waterproof and hence does not require too much attention when storing it or even when using it.

Another main advantage is the reduced cost of charging the battery. Once the charger is put under direct sunlight, the car battery will be charged at no expense at all. This gives the car owner a guarantee that he will not receive any extra bills for charging his car battery.

The use of a solar car battery charger has proved over the decades that the environment can be spared, and still have no expenses to the user. This is because all the energy used to charge the battery is from the sun, and does not pollute the air in the process. This means that the user has not only saved charging expenses, but he has also avoided the negative impacts that today’s world has on the environment.

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