Solar Cellphone Charger

Solar Cellphone Charger, mobile power

In today’s world, almost everyone would feel lost and useless without a cell phone. There is nothing worse than having a dead battery on your phone when you need to make an urgent call. It is in this light that a solar cellphone charger comes in very handy. This is a charger that can be used to recharge the battery of a cell phone, IPod or MP3 player by simply using energy from the sun.

It has solar cells that convert sun rays to electric current. Most solar cellphone chargers are foldable. It simply works by opening up the charger and putting it out in the sun. The solar cells will then collect the rays of the sun and convert them to energy, which is used to charge the battery or stored in the back up battery for later use.

Features of a Solar Cellphone Charger

Solar phone chargers comes complete with an in-built battery which can store power and be used later. This will ensure that even if your phone runs out of charge in the middle of the night, the charger will still have some reserved energy to power up the phone.

It also comes equipped with an AC connector that can be connected to the car. This will supply the back up battery with reserved energy, even if the sun is not shining. The charger also comes with a universal connector for most phone models. This has also prompted the phone manufacturers to make phones that can easily be charged using the solar charger.

The solar cellphone charger itself has a voltage output of 5.5 volts, while the in built battery can store up to 4 volts. It will take approximately four hours to charge using the DC connector in the car, and up to 13 hours out in the sun. This could be shorter, depending on the concentration of the sun. It will take about an hour for a phone to fully charge using the solar charger.

Advantages of the Solar Phone Charger

One advantage of this charger is its light weight and portability. It weighs less than three ounces and can be carried anywhere, as it is small enough to fit in your pocket. This gives you convenience in using the charger, wherever the need arises. This could even be out on the beach!

Another advantage is that it will cost the user nothing to charge the phone. Once the charger is placed out in the sun, the phone battery will be charged and no expenses will be incurred. Since the charger comes with multiple power connectors, the charger can be used to charge more than one device at a time. This not only saves on expenses, but time as well.

The energy that the solar cellphone charger uses is harnessed from the direct rays from the sun and it does not give off any residue that may harm the environment. This makes the charger both environment-friendly and more reliable to the user.

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