Solar Charger

Solar Charger, free energy

A solar charger is a piece of equipment that is used to charge other gadgets that are powered by batteries, using energy from the sun. It can vary in terms of size and the amount of energy storage. Energy from the sun is converted into electricity by small solar cells that are on the panels on the solar charger covered by a thin film of transparent material. The bigger the charger, the more energy it will conserve.

Mechanism of a Solar Charger

A solar powered charger will convert the rays of the sun into energy, when it is put outside in the sun. They come in many shapes, sizes and models. For instance, there are pocket size chargers which can be used to charge cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and ordinary AA or AAA batteries for flashlights and remote controls. The solar chargers have in built batteries that can store up to 6 volts of energy. This energy can be used at night or on a cloudy day.

A solar battery charger mostly comes equipped with cords and cables for connecting to the battery that needs to be recharged. Most chargers are foldable for easier storage and transportation. When one needs to charge, it is opened up and put in direct sunlight where the energy from the rays of the sun will be collected. A solar charger is made up of waterproof lightweight material that can withstand a few drops of water. However, just like any other equipment, if it is fully immersed in water for a long period of time, it may not function properly.

An ordinary charger will weight from between three and six ounces and will be able to generate from 5 to 7 volts of current or energy. Many gadgets that require little voltage to charge, like mobile phones and cameras, will be fully charged in about two hours.

Benefits of a Solar Battery Charger

The most common benefit of using a solar charger is the amount of money that will be saved with time. This is because the energy that is being used is free from the sun and can be used many times over. This simply means that the energy used is renewable. After the first expense, which is the purchase of the charger, the user should not expect to incur any operational or maintenance charges thereafter.

Another benefit to the user is its mobility. It can be used anywhere the sun shines. In fact, it can simply be charged and used later, even after the sun goes down. This is convenient for people who are at home, in the office, out camping or on tour. The fact that it can be used without a power outlet makes it a very convenient device to have.

Since a solar charger uses energy from the sun, the impacts on the environment cannot be felt when it is being used. This is because there is no residue being given off to pollute the environment. It is friendly both to the user and the environment.

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