Solar Chargers

Solar Chargers, power everywhere

Solar chargers are devices that are used to recharge battery-powered gadgets by use of energy from the sun. These chargers come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Depending on how much energy a person requires, the chargers can even come in pocket size models.

How solar chargers work

A solar powered charger works by collecting the rays of the sun and transforming the same into renewable energy. All the user needs to do is expose it to direct sunlight and it will do the rest. The pocket-size chargers can be used to charge cell phones, digital cameras, AA batteries or laptops. The solar chargers have built in batteries that can store up to 6 volts of energy.

Solar battery chargers come complete with cords and cables for connecting to the device being recharged. Some chargers are foldable and this makes them very easy to store. When charging, it is simply opened up and put outside in the sun. The material used to make the chargers is completely waterproof and light in weight. The solar panels consist of individual solar cells which convert the sunlight rays to renewable electricity. The panels are covered using a thin film of transparent material.

Ordinary solar chargers weight a little over three ounces and can produce between 5 to 7 volts of current or energy. Most small devices like mobile phones and cameras only require about 4.5 volts to fully charge. Charging a battery completely would take approximately two hours.

Advantages of Solar Battery Chargers

Cost effectiveness of the solar battery chargers is by far the biggest advantage. By simply charging it out in the sun, a user can use the solar chargers over and over again without incurring any additional costs. The only cost that a user has to endure is the cost of the solar charger. They retail for as little as twenty dollars for the very small pocket-size chargers.

Another advantage is of course the fact that is portable and hence makes life easier for a busy person. It can be used anywhere where sunlight can be accessed. This can be when on tour, at home, in the office or even out camping. In other words, it can be used anywhere a person needs to charge their device and there is no power outlet.

Another advantage it has is the environmental aspect. Since the battery uses energy from the sun, there is no chance of polluting the environment by emitting or giving off elements that will ruin the environment. In fact, it helps conserve the environment as it only uses what it requires and leaves the rest. There is no wastage.

As solar chargers are made of very light material, they are easy to handle and store. It does not take up any unnecessary space and does not inconvenience the user. In today’s world where virtually every gadget requires a rechargeable battery to work, solar battery chargers give the user satisfaction in that it will always provide power as long as the sun shines.

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