Solar Powered Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack, power in a bag

A solar powered backpack is simply a bag that harnesses energy from the sun during the day. The backpack can store energy and it can be used for charging electronics when one is not near a power supply. The solar backpack is easy to carry and can be used on many hand held electric gadgets like phones, digital cameras, IPods and laptops.

Features of the Solar Powered Backpack

The solar powered backpack has many features that would make life in the 21st century easy for anyone. It has an AC outlet that makes it possible for it to be charged in the car in case the sun does not power it completely. It also comes with a battery pack that can be used to store power even after the sun is long gone. This means that any power that is not used does not go to waste, but rather gets stored to be used later.

The solar backpack also come equipped with standard adapters that can be used to charge many hand held devices like phones or laptops. Apart from that, it comes complete with wires channels for connecting hands free and head phone cables. This means that as it is slung to the back, the user can comfortably use it without having to put it down.

Advantages of a Solar Backpack

Not only does it serve as a carriage bag, the solar powered backpack gives the carrier power wherever they need it. On a completely sunny day, the solar panels can harness up to 4 watts of power. This can be translated to one and a half hours of talk time on the phone or a fully charged laptop battery.

It is easy to carry as it is made of light material. The outer fabric is covered with a light mesh that ensures free flow of air. With that in place, the solar powered backpack will never heat up. In case of rain, the solar panels are made out of waterproof material that will ensure the bag does not get wet.

For laptop users, the bag is completely safe to store a laptop without fear of damage. The bag is well padded to ensure that any gadgets put inside are safe. It is also big enough to fit a 15 inch screen laptop!

The solar  backpack also serves the purpose of an ordinary bag, that is, it stores a person’s belongings while traveling. It is not too big and looks just like a normal bag. This makes it convenient as it fits in the lifestyle of the user. The size of the bag also makes storage rather easy. No special care is necessary when storing it.

Another main advantage of having the solar powered backpack is its cost effectiveness. Because it uses power from the sun, it makes it absolutely free to use. The only cost incurred is the cost of the bag itself. One can use it comfortably without fear of a power blackout. It can be worn as a sling bag or a backpack.

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